Dear Parents,

I would like to extend a very warm welcome to the Early Years, academic year 2019/20, at Al Maha Academy for Girls. Following six successful years at a British school in Madrid, where I was Head of Early Years and Primary, I am delighted to join the Ta'allum Group as Head of Early Years at AMAG. I am passionate about early education and determined to ensure that our youngest girls have the very best start to their education.

In British schools, we refer to the Early Years as the foundation stage of education, and with good reason, as these first vital years of a child's education are the cornerstone of all subsequent educational experiences. Research has shown that regular and sustained attendance at a high-quality Early Years setting, impacts positively on a child's progress and attainment throughout their entire educational journey.

In my short time at AMAG, I can see that teachers and assistants are continually striving to deliver quality education and I am looking forward to working in partnership with the Early Years team and with parents, as their child's first and primary educator, to drive forward the best possible outcomes for our students.

Children learn and progress best when they are motivated and engaged in their learning and I aim to ensure that learning experiences in the Early Years at AMAG are purposeful and challenging, and the learning environment safe, stimulating and accessible for all students.

I appreciate your trust and support in our school, and I look forward to meeting you all in due course.

Gail Aston
Head of Early Years

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