Student Council 2019-2020

Here, in Al Maha Academy, we care about our students and that is why we have formed a student council committee.

The Representatives of the student council are selected by the students and teachers in each class from year 5 and year 6 following an election at the start of every school year.

Our vision is to support the students and develop their leadership skills.

The Student Council aims to help the students express their opinions and the concerns of each class they represent.

Throughout the year, the committee helps to support and encourage all the students participate in a range of events eg. Qatar National Day, Sport’s Day,…etc.

The Student Council is a student-led committee under the support and leadership of Mrs. Ayat Abdulghani who meets the student committee members once a week (Thursday) to listen to their ideas and prepare for the special events.

Tasks are divided amongst the committee members. The Student Council consists of a president, and different committees as required.

Each committee has a different responsibility around the school.

The committees are as follows:

Media Committee: Is in charge of taking photographs and interviewing with students, teachers and admins in the events, advertising and writing articles about the events.

Social Committee: It works on socializing with the students, listening to their needs and getting their requests to the school Social Worker, then, to be reported to HOP.

Cultural Committee: It arranges contests and plays. They are also in charge of organizing special Islamic events, like Eid Alfitr and Aladha.

Sports Committee: It works alongside with the PE department to ensure that the students are safe and have all that they need for PE activities. Once a year the sports committee helps to arrange the events of Sport’s Day.


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