Principal's Message
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Principal's Message

Dear parents, staff members, students, and community members,

It is a privilege to share with you through this website, our educational experience that will spawns feelings of joy and fulfilment. Founded on the Islamic principles and values that are the basis of Ta’allum Schools, AMAG is committed to partnering parents in raising the next generation of leaders. It is my privilege as a school principal to be able to continue to guide the development of this academy in its 10th year.

Year after year, we nurtured the school growth through a sound balance of quality educational programs, state-of-art facilities, superior services, and an open house policy. An immense portion of credit in this regard is attributed to our parents, students, staff members, and the community.

From beginning of our journey, we had a clear vision. We were well aware of our mission, core values, and objectives, both short and long term. We moved forward in the direction of realizing our vision and as we moved from one achievement to another, as we exceeded expectations in realizing our objective, it became very obvious that we are moving from one challenge to a higher one, as we led our educational establishment out of the box.

AMAG goes beyond 'traditional education'. It nurtures individuals, allows them to polish their skills, educates them and brings their ambitions to the fore. We cultivate a parent-child relationship with all members and make sure to make learning more experiential than factual.

Our students and our outstanding staff team are our two most precious assets. While we have high expectations and are ambitious for our students, we also know that for them to succeed, we need to provide a caring, supportive and challenging environment in which they can grow and flourish.

AMAG is a unique school with a very special Islamic ethos. Put simply, it is our core aspiration that, during their time with us, every individual student makes a positive difference - a difference to their own lives and a difference to the lives of others.

In AMAG, we believe that the happiness, health and safety, and learning of our children are of utmost importance. We are constantly evolving strategies and systems to best serve their needs. The rich educational experience of our students will enable them to lead worthy lives of valuable achievements and accomplishments, which will no doubt be the result of living in the outside world, the learning they received in AMAG.

Equally important, our graduates and the rest of AMAG students are an acknowledgement that we have fulfilled our vision. Looking at our alumni’s achievements, we will come to realize that AMAG is a proud producer of global citizens instilled with solid moral values, citizens who never missed an opportunity to take part in a national celebration or a community service project or an environmental public speaking contest or a scientific event or an IT-related activity, or cultural event, etc. etc. Our students are leaders in prominent fields, advocates of worthy causes, and above all children of respectful families who have entrusted us with their biggest ever investment… Dear parents and guardians, it our sincere hope that we have lived up to your expectations.

Looking forward with anticipation to continue the tradition of growth, progress and service and quality education for our dynamic leaders.

Thank you

Maha Teema

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